Poipu Real Estate Market

Maui Resort Photos
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A small beachfront resort community near the southern edge of the island of Kauai, Poipu, Hawaii, has seen its real estate market rocked by the financial crisis that the U.S. currently finds itself in. The islands, as home to some of America’s highest-priced and most coveted real estate, were ripe for the taking when the recession took effect and began crushing the market.

Though many things have improved, particularly sales volume with the government’s stimulus program of offering homebuyers tax credits worth up to several thousand dollars for buying a home, the Poipu real estate still shows mixed signals about its future direction.

According to statistics from the Kauai MLS, at the end of 2009, there were nine sales of units in Koloa, of which Poipu is considered a part of, in December. This was a great increase from the end of 2008, when December accounted for just a single sale. For the entire year of 2009, there were 66 sales, putting volume in the area up from 2008, when there were just 55 sales, an increase of 20%. Condo sales were up as well, with six in December, up from just a single sale in December of 2008. The year, however, saw an actual decline in condo sales, with just 34 sales this year versus 40 in 2008, a decrease of 15%.

Prices of Poipu homes for sale, however, did not show many signs for improvement and it may be a long time before they ever reach their pre-crisis peaks. In December, the median price for a home sold was just $635,000, down from more than $1.1 million the year before at the same time, a decrease of nearly 50%. For all of the year, the median price was measured to be $507,500, down nearly 35% from 2008 prices, when it was $775,000. Condos in the region also saw their values essentially crash. The year-to-date price of a condo in 2009 was around $460,000, down more than 80% from 2008′s figure of $2.5 million.

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Things to do in Kauai

Lihue, Hawaii
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Because the island of Kauai’s origins are volcanic, the wondrous island is mountainous and at times mysterious. The hanging cliffs and towering peaks add to the dynamic backdrop that Kauai has become known for. Kawaikini, the highest peak on Kauai, stands at 5,148 feet while Mount Waialeale, the second highest peak, is 5,148 feet tall. As one of the wettest places on earth, Mount Waialeale sees an annual rainfall exceeding 460 inches. The high annual rainfall has created deep valleys in the central Kauai mountains and dug canyons with rushing rivers and scenic waterfalls. The most notable one is Waimea River, part of Waimea Canyon State Park. Known to many as the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific,” Waimea River is perfect for those looking for a leisurely kayak up the river. The forests are ripe for hunting, hiking, and exploring, too.

Several visitors to Kauai stay in Kauai vacation rentals and use a car to travel around the island. Beyond the natural beauty of the island the wilderness activities that are quite fun, Kauai also has some nice stretches of beach, some of the best golfing in Hawaii, and a fun collection of boutique shops in Lihue, the main city of the island. Several world-class resorts have large accommodations and spas on Kauai.

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Golfing is one of America’s most favorite sports because it can be played by people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. Kauai, too, has become infatuated with golf, as evidenced
by the number of award-winning courses scatted across the island. One of the major draws for Houses for sale in Kauai is the abundance of quality golfing throughout the
area. Princeville Golf Club’s Prince course has consistently been rated “Hawaii’s No.1 Golf Course” by Golf Digest Magazine. The club’s Makai Course is comprised of the
separate nines – ocean, woods, and lakes. Many golfers like the different themes as they offer different challenges for all types of experience levels.

Kauai Lagoons Golf Club offers two 18-hole courses designed by the famous Jack Nicklaus. The Kiele Course includes fairways that weave along imposing ocean cliffs,
over promontories high and above the harbor and among some 40 acres of gorgeous freshwater lagoons. Thee Mokihana Course is considered a Scottish style links course with rolling fairways that are more open and void of forced carries. The renown Robert Trent Jones, Jr.designed the beautiful Kiahuna Golf Club, eighteen holes of spectacular golfing in the breathtaking community of Poipu. Jones also designed a championship
course as the Poipu Bay Golf Course, host of a number of PGA events and prestigious tournaments.

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About Kauai

Hawaii (Oahu)
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Of the eight major islands that make up the Hawaiian Islands and the state of Hawaii, Kaui is the oldest and fourth largest. Also known as the “Garden Isle,” Kauai lies 105 miles northwest of Oahu, across the Kauai Channel. Approximately 64,000 people live on Kauai. According to the Hawaiian legend of Hawai’iloa, the Polynesian navigator who is said to have been the first to discover the island, Kawai’iloa named the island after a favorite son. Kauai is Hawaiian for “place around the neck” or “food season.”

Like most of Hawaii, Kauai’s economy is based primarily of tourism. In the past, Kauai’s economy was based on sugar, but most of that land is now used for ranching. Land in Kauai is very fertile and plants such as guava, coffee, sugarcane, and pineapple are still grown there on a relatively small scale. Some of the major communities on Kauai include Hanalei, Kapa’a Wailua, Lihu’e Princeville, Waimea, and Po’ipu, and the island is served by the Lihue Airport. Some popular places of interest include the Alakai Wilderness Area, Fern Grotto, Hanalei Bay, Ke’e Beach, Koke’e State Park, Na Pali Coast State Park, Princeville North Shore, Wailua River, and Waimea Canyon.

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Kauai Homes & Island

Kauai Homes & Island
The gorgeous island of Kauai is located in the Pacific Ocean which is located near Honolulu. This majestic area is spreaded over a total of 550 square miles. Many individuals visit here to only decide later that they would like to relocate to Kauai or at least live here for a period of each year. For those who choose to do so opt to lease a Kauai vacation home rental instead of renting a room from one of the many hotels or resorts. While the vacation homes in Kauai are labeled as residential real estate they serve a much larger purpose. Kauai vacation homeowners often purchase these as an investment option. They will not only have a place to stay when they choose to visit Kauai but instead of sitting empty they choose to rent them to other tourist to earn additional income. This saves the actual owner the expense of maintaining everything while they are not in the Kauai area. Other tourists and locals have the ability to lease these vacation homes periodically throughout the year. You will see a variety of individuals who own vacation rentals including tourists from outside the area as well as locals.
For those who do live out of the area will often hire a local real estate agent to overlook the rental process of their vacation home. This gives the owner a place to stay when they choose to visit and earned income at the same time. The real estate agent who is hired to oversee your property will be in direct contact with tour groups and other associated companies who list vacation rental homes for the world to see. Many large groups or families prefer the comfort of a vacation rental home versus staying in a cramped hotel room or paying three times the amount that they would if they rented something other than the rental home. Most of these homes are fully equipped with the essential household goods including full kitchen, one bath or more, and kitchen appliances. The price range will vary from one home to another depending on the size, and any extras that may include plush gardens, pools, and even hired workers such as  a concierge, maid, cook, or other related workers.
For those who are looking to purchase outright instead of renting often its recommended that you find a real estate agent or broker who is familiar with the area that your interested in. Many individuals will travel between Kauai and their home land before actually deciding to move. By planning extended stays you will see what its like to wake each morning to all that Kauai has to offer. With all that’s offered here it doesn’t take long to become entrapped in the spirit of the aloha.

Kauai In General

If your looking for a beautiful place to vacation this year you might want to consider Kauai, Hawaii. So why is it that people from all around the world travel to see this place instead of choosing many of the other thousands of locations in the world? It’s because this destination is truly paradise.
They offer so much that its well beyond what we could ever describe. For starters just the atmosphere alone is worth the visit. You will be embraced by the warm, serene setting of this enchanted place. Intertwined with steep mountain spires, jagged cliffs and lush valleys, all draped into a canopy, of bright emerald. Kauai is one of the areas that appeals to a wide variety because of its amazing beauty, abundance of attractions and activities, and the generally laid back atmosphere.
The population in Kauai is an estimated 62,000 people and growing daily. You will find a large selection of fine homes to those who have either grew up here or decided that they loved this area so much to make it their permanent home. Many choose to move here after just one visit. Kauai has so much to offer that no matter the likes, age, or preferences of each individual it often puts a smile on everyones face.
This lovely area can give you a quite atmosphere where you can relax all day while reading your favorite book and sipping a cold glass of ice tea. For those who are looking for fun and adventure you will never become bored due to the amount of activities that can be found here. You can spend your day hiking, surfing, swimming, water skiing, or golfing. For those who enjoy golf Kauai has some of the best golf courses in Hawaii.
One memorable thing you should do while being here is take a day to enjoy nothing but the sights and beauty this place to offer. You can start your day by visiting the Kilauea Lighthouse which will give you a chance to take some amazing photos of the view. If you are looking to take home breath taking photos this will be the place to capture them. For your amusement try to find time to visit the Spouting Horn which will allow you to see the ocean spray up to as high as 50 feet into the air. This amazing blowhole is popular among children as the excitement in their eyes grow as water begins to shoot into the air. This is just a few of the places that you should visit while being in Kauai but there are many more to choose from.
You will find a variety of cuisines to choose from while being here as well. Whether you are looking to go with traditional Hawaiian food, American, French, or something else you will have no problem finding something that be sure to please your taste buds.
Traveling as an individual, family, or for work Kauai has many reasons that you should visit at least once. Not many people visit for their first time and never return. Once you have had a chance to journey here the beauty of Kauai will entrap you pulling you back for years to come.

Different Places To Eat On Kauai

If you are visiting Kauai,Hawaii you must try out the variety of places to dine here. Many individuals will find that they prefer one place over another just because they have been persuaded by the delicious taste of their favorite foods. The dining experience that is found on Kauai is not only unique but with such a wide array of cuisines everyones taste buds will be pleased.
Many of the restaurant’s found here entertain you with live music while you enjoy your meal. You have the comfort of eating indoors in the shade or outdoors overlooking many amazing views of the mountain tops and the gorgeous waters. The cultural difference here is amazing to those who visit. You will feel right at home regardless of where you are from originally or what type of atmosphere your used too.
A few of the most popular restaurants here include Brick Oven Pizza, Ilima Terrace Restaurant, Voyager Grill, Poipu Bay Grille and Bar, as well as many other places to eat. On average you will be able to enjoy traditional Hawaiian food, French, American, and seafood. This is just a start to whats offered around the island.
Some places only open for certain meal times such as brunch or dinner while others open early and close late. You may want to call ahead of time to reserve a table if there are several people in your party or if its a place that is often packed. You don’t want to miss out on having dinner at your special place just because you forgot to call ahead of time. Also Kauai has places to fit most budgets with most plates averaging between $15 – $60 dollars depending on what your craving.
One thing that welcomes many tourists and locals to Kauai is that you are able to dine in whatever makes you comfortable. What do I mean by this? If you are looking to dress up and head out on the town for a romantic dinner overlooking the waters and under the stars you have this option. Or maybe your looking to grab a quick bite to eat in your casual dress before heading out to play golf or do some quick fishing. No matter how you feel like dressing you will not feel out of place.
You will also enjoy many of the luaus that are offered here. Eating your dinner while viewing a traditional hula show, listening to live Hawaiian music, or many of the other performances that go on during time will be sure to make your visit to Kauai spectacular. Everything that you will experience here will leave you many unforgettable memories so why should your dining be any different.
If your looking for something a bit out of the ordinary you can choose to purchase fresh fruits, meats and seafood from the local markets to create your own dinner with. Once you have purchased the food that you need for the evening you can enjoy dining on a blanket spreaded out on the sandy beach. What better way to end a wonderful day than eating in front of a beautiful setting sun and the lovely smell of the fresh ocean water.

Living on Kauai

Choosing a destination that you want to spend your life at can be frustrating depending on several things. For starters if you are married or have a family then it can be a struggle to decide on an area that makes you both happy. Or maybe you need a place that can offer a variety of culture or activities that you and your family all can enjoy. If you are looking for a place that can offer you a unique lifestyle, modesty, beauty, tons of activities, and just a peaceful living environment maybe the place to look is in Kauai,Hawaii. So out of all of the many cities and towns in the world why would someone want to choose this particular spot? For many reasons but can only be confirmed by first hand knowledge.
Those who have made Kauai their home enjoy waking up every morning to the serene beauty that is offered here. They look forward to what the day will bring them. You can wake up early to see how amazing it is to watch the sunrise out over the crystal clear waters. You will enjoy sunny weather almost all year long so no need to bring a winter wardrobe. Whether you enjoy swimming, lying on the beach, or something more adventurous the weather will no longer keep you from doing what you love. After watching the sunrise you can enjoy a healthy breakfast of tropical fruits that was grown naturally right where you are living.
Driving to work will be a highlight of your day especially since no matter what area you drive in the scenic view will follow alongside you. You can enjoy eating your lunch break on the beach or at one of the many restaurants or cafes that can be found around the island.
You can enjoy spending your evening by taking a walk on the beach and watching the sunset just as you watched it rise just a few hours before. This will be a perfect evening to any stressful day at work but living in Kauai not to many days will seem that hard. Its almost like being on a permanent vacation. It allows you to live in a fun, cheery atmosphere which makes everyday living much easier.
People who live here enjoy the variety of activities that can be participated in. They enjoy their days swimming, surfing, horseback riding, golfing, sunbathing, and just playing around on the beach. Hiking to see the beautiful mountains and beaches of Kauai is something that many locals will tell you is a highlight of living here.
The houses found on the island are absolutely gorgeous. The owners wake up to the fresh smell of the ocean with the sun beaming into their bedroom. You will find many mansions along the shoreline of the ocean and can vary in prices depending on how much your wanting to spend. You can purchase a less expensive place on other parts of the island if your not looking to bust your budget anytime soon.

What To Do On Kauai

What To Do On Kauai
Visiting Kauai, Hawaii can be an amazing experience for any individual. Whether you are looking to travel here for your honeymoon, vacation as a family, or even for work you will be amazed at the things to do here.
From just observing the natural beauty to golfing you will be sure to find an activity that pleases everyone. You can spend the day hiking to the mountain tops or the beautiful areas dedicated to giving nothing but the best views. In these locations you will be able to take breath taking photos and record the serene beauty that Kauai has to offer. Sightseeing is very popular here just because there is so much to see that you will never be able to completely see everything. You can enjoy taking a tour by land, water, or air.
For those who are looking for some water fun you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, and many other ocean sports. Maybe your new to the ocean and not sure how to participate in these ocean sports properly spend a few days taken lessons from the many instructors that’s found on the island.
For those who are looking for something different you can enjoy hiking, horseback riding, or playing golf. There are many places here that you can do either. The golf courses that are found here are highly desired. What would be better than spending a day on the green observing the outdoor beauty. Other activities that can be found on Kauai is fishing, whale watching, snuba, parasailing, kayaking, biking, and even driving ATVs. Camping here and renting a fishing charter is the perfect activity for those who are looking to hit the water with fishing pole in hand.
Maybe your here to just relax and want to do nothing by lie on the beach enjoying a good book. Afterwards enjoy an evening at the spa having a massage done. There are a variety of day spas here where you can choose from many different services.
Kauai offers live music in a variety of places from the local restaurants, parks, theatres, and even right on the beach. You will love hearing the traditional Hawaiian music during a luau.
Dining is huge in this area because of the many wonderful restaurants that’s found here. The variety that is found is amazing just because the food is fantastic, the service is fast and friendly, and everything is affordable. The cuisines range from traditional Hawaiian food, American dishes, french, and many others that you can choose from.
If your looking for something that you can do as family you will be happy to know that you can spend your vacation discovering Kauai. visit their majestic gardens, their very informative museums, and enrich yourself with the islands heritage. Along the way you will enjoy the scenic, rustic, incredible venues.
No matter what type of activity you are looking for you will find something here to keep you busy regardless if your visiting or planning to stay. Your days will be greeted with the beautiful sunrise and end with a peaceful sunset.